What to Look for in a Home Business Opportunity

Today I give thanks to my long time business partner and friend, Jackie Christiansen. She shares our first experience in the network marketing industry, how to build a large and successful business, and then having her company declare bankruptcy due to excessive debt and poor managements. Avoid these pitfalls and learn from our mistakes (or should I say experience?) so your next home business opportunity is a success.

When looking for a new network marketing company, look at the quality of products. Dig into the financial status of the company, including how much debt the company has. Consider the prior work experience and track record of the leadership team. And finally, determine if you think the company you are considering can go the distance. If all of these items tell you to proceed, make sure the business is something that aligns with your beliefs. Do they have the highest quality, unique, and innovative products? Or are they just the latest fad that’s full of hype?

The home business opportunity arena is full of hype and fad products that don’t deliver everything they are claimed to, especially in MLM and the network marketing industry. Many products are substandard and made with cheap ingredients to maximize the profits. So it’s important to be careful when selecting the right company for your home based business opportunity.

Companies pop up and go out of business every day. How do you know if the company you are considering will be around so you can capitalize over the long run on your efforts to build a large and successful business? This video is a must for anyone considering a home based business opportunity in the direct sales, network marketing, or MLM industry. Jackie’s mission is to help you avoid the pain she experienced when, after five years of building a successful business, her first company went bust and the checks stopped coming.

After enjoying the video, contact us if joining Sisel International sounds like the company that best fits your needs for a home business opportunity. We can help you get started on the path to success today!

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