Top 10 Uses for Cedarwood Essential Oil

As many of your know essential oils have been around for centuries. However, it is just lately that the average American has started using these in their daily life. With the many benefits you can experience – it’s no wonder!

Today we want to share with you the awesomeness that is cedarwood essential oil. Our product website states it “is ideal for soothing, harmonizing, and focusing the mind” and we couldn’t agree more! However, today we want to share even more uses for this amazing oil with you. So here are our top 10 uses for cedarwood essential oil.

Acne TreatmentTop 10 Uses for Cedarwood Essential Oil

Add a drop or two of cedarwood essential oil to your regular moisturizer or facial cleanser. It will add an extra boost to help you naturally fight acne.

Banish Fleas and Ticks

A few drops of cedarwood rubbed into your dog or cat will help reduce – if not entirely eliminate – the number of fleas and ticks on them.

Cough Relief

Apply a couple drops of cedarwood EO on your throat and/or chest several times throughout the day. Dilute it if necessary. Your cough should start to minimize in no time.

Relieve Anxiety or Nervousness

Simply diffusing cedarwood essential oil can help you calm down. You’ll almost immediately feel your anxiety and nervous tension vanish.

Banish Dandruff

If dandruff is a regular culprit in your home, make sure to add cedarwood essential oil to your list of must haves! Massage one or two drops into your scalp.

Bladder Infection Relief

If you suffer from a bladder infection, simply massage a couple drops of cedarwood EO over your bladder and kidney area a few times a day until the symptoms go away. Dilute with a carrier oil if necessary.

Sleep Aide

Many swear by lavender essential oil for nighttime sleeping, but we have found a couple drops of cedarwood behind our ears or on your wrists to do wonders! It helps us get to sleep faster, and we experience a deeper sleep.

Support Your Respiratory System

If you find yourself suffering from congestion, put a couple drops of cedarwood essential oil on your feet. It should start to work in no time!

Help Arthritis

Add approximately ten drops of cedarwood EO to your bath water. You’ll feel those aches and pains melting away in no time. Or add 2-3 drops with your favorite carrier oil and massage it into the areas that are causing the pain.

Skin Problems

Do you suffer from psoriasis, dry skin, or exzema? Apply a drop or two over the area. You can mix your EO with coconut oil if you like.


Cedarwood essential oil is king when it comes to diversity! We use it in so many different ways around our home. Click here to get yours today! And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to find out how you can become part of our team!

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