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Earn more, work less and worry never.  This is rental management & local hosting as it should be.

Discover how we can help make your rental property a truly “passive investment”.


LOCAL HOSTING & Rental Management Expertise

Guest experience is the new key to success!


Our niche is providing you with the services that you need to successfully manage your own rental property, while minimizing the efforts required for you to be successful in doing this on your own.  Our focus is on the rental guest experience.


Local hosting is simply a service that is overlooked by most property management and by owner booking sites.  Many of these sites charge fees (VRBO for example just instituted a renter service fee of up to 9% of the rental, in addition to charging annual advertising fees and booking fees to the owner), but do not provide any local hosting or guest services.

Our entire platform has changed over the past two years to focus on the guest experience.  And, it’s definitely working.  On one of our partner platforms, we’ve had approximately 450 reservations and have maintained a 98% rating of 4 and 5 STAR reviews.  That’s actually quite impressive as our properties vary in finishes – quite dramatically actually.

Our properties are not what we would typically see as 5 STAR from a complex perspective, but it’s the guest experience that really counts.  We have a mobile app and touch our guests multiple times throughout their process:  1) Day before Arrival, Address and Confirm Check-In time, 2) Day of Arrival Reminder & Lock Box Info, 3) Confirm check-in, 4) Touch Base during Stay, 5) Day Prior to Checkout and Check-Out Instructions, 6) Check-Out and finally 7) Post Stay review.



We focus on 4 areas of guest support:


  1. Hosting Experience: we know what works with guests and how/when they want to communicate. The key is to provide information needed to ease their trip worry while also sharing with them the expectations (like check-in and check-out times) to make things run smoothly for owners.
  2. High Response Rate: We try to respond quickly to any guests, providing text message capabilities as the main means of communication – quick and easy and we’re finding the definite PREFERRED type of communication for the mobile friendly traveler!
  3. 5 STAR Reviews: Let’s face it, 4 STARS just doesn’t cut it anymore.  It will happen, but we want to encourage people to review to the accuracy of the property, photos, amenities, location, etc.  We also try to review guests whenever possible!
  4. Commitment: Our guests want to know that we’re committed to them and to their vacation experience.  We do not allow cancellations for booked guests.  Once booked (and paid for), our guests can be assured that they do have lodging secured!



Another key to our success is that we maintain a small boutique feel for rental management.  Guest experience is critical today as the guest drives future rental potential via their feedback and online reviews.  We’ve built our model around guest experience, with a focus on making it easy and fun for our guests, all the while, maximizing revenue for the property owner!

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