Earn more, work less and worry never.

This is rental management & local hosting as it should be.

Discover how we can help make your rental property a truly “passive investment”.


Local Hosting & Rental Management Made Easy!

PMBO®  was started back in 2004 as a direct response to the escalating costs for property management.  We figured that it simply could not be that difficult or expensive for the property owner to manage his/her own rental property, right?  Why should we as property owner have to share our investment by paying large amounts out in property management fees?  In some resort areas, you can pay up to and even more than 50% of the rental income earned just to the management companies.  Ouch!

But, we also realize that people are busy and it’s not that easy to manage your vacation home when you’re living out of town/state and have lots of distractions in all the other aspects of your life.  And, the landscape of the rental world is constantly changing.  It takes time to stay up on trends and maintain market shares.  And, today’s guests are demanding a more hands on approach.

Earn more, work less and worry never.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our goal with PMBO® was to put together a program to minimize the time that folks need to manage their vacation rental and maximize the profits that they can make in rental revenues, providing visibility and control to the property manager to earn more, and give you the tools needed to work less and never worry.


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It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to have supported rental management!  Our goal is to focus in on the areas that need the most support and to keep up with the ever-changing resort rental environment to maximize your over-all rental cash flow.  And, most importantly, we focus on providing visibility and communication tools – allowing you to do the things necessary to be “virtually” on-site and in-person to handle property set-up, ensure appropriate cleaning, local guest communication (today’s traveler has a LOT of questions) and the occasional difficult renter. ?


We Designed Our Software Specifically for the Individual Property Owner

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PMBO was built for the individual property owner to allow property owners around the world to take advantage of channel distribution previously only offered by large integrated (and expensive) property management companies. Our PMBO software distibutes your property to high traffic vacation rental sites, including AirBnB, VRBO and the Homeaway family of sites, Booking.com, Expedia, Google and approximately 40 other booking portals.

Loyalty Program – each year you stay with us, the commission fee per reservation is reduced by 1% the first and 2nd year of renewal and a half percent the 3rd, 4th and 5th years of renewal.

1st Year Signup 10%

2nd Year 9%

3rd Year 8%

4th Year 7.5%

5th Year 7.0%

True By-Owner

The market place has changed a lot in the past few years. Most large By Owner sites are predominantly large property management companies and travel agencies. The By Owner marketplace has all but disappeared.

PMBO is reviving the true By Owner experience, with the property owner managing all aspects of the rental.

Automatic Inclusion in VTBO – Vacation Travel By Owner – Online Booking site.

All properties are automatically included in our online booking engine and marketing site VTBO. This site is being marketed as BY OWNER.

We’ve Eliminated Guest Booking Fees!

Guests save up to 20% or more by choosing our Vacation Travel By Owner site and booking direct with us. Unlike almost all rental management sites today, some of which even claim BY OWNER in their company and website name, VTBO does NOT charge a separate guest booking fee. Guests are catching on to changes in the marketplace and looking for true BY OWNER rental pricing and booking without additional fees. VTBO is the answer and your inclusion in our booking site is automatic and FREE.

Our New Standard is the OLD Standard

We’ve re-created the value and meaning of By Owner, setting a new standard in vacation rental software. PMBO gives you everything you need to effectively manage your own property, inclusion in all major channels and an online booking site that charges ZERO FEES to your guests, lower costs for the renter and increasing your rental reservations! Let’s wind the clock back to true Property Management and Vacation Travel By Owner, how it was always supposed to be.

Automatic Channel Setup, Distribution and Integration:

In addition to listing and promoting your home to our extensive database of travelers, PMBO also automatically integrated with major marketing channels and top travel websites, including:

+ More!

One Centralized Command Center:

Manage your vacation rental property through a single, centralized dashboard. Automatically sync data across 30+ premium listing sites and manage it all through one unified calendar, inbox, and reservation system.

More Bookings, Automatic Inquiry Responses

Each property has a defaulted automatic inquiries to allow immediate and automatic replies to booking inquiries from our VTBO booking engine as well as all channel partners. Improve your rankings and search order results with responsiveness!

Automated Guest Communication

PMBO sends out automated guest messages, including rental contracts, reservation confirmations, email reminders of upcoming stay, check-in instructions, invitation to Local Host By Owner guest app, request reviews and more – Ensuring you have a professional and timely responses to your guests throughout the entire reservation process.

Mobile App

Managing your vacation rental property has never been easier. With the PMBO Mobile app, quickly and easily use your cell phone to look at Today’s Check-ins, Today’s Check-outs, Tomorrow’s Check-Ins, Tomorrow’s Check-Outs and a full list of all reservations. Be able to communicate quickly and easily with guest details and pre-build messages to send out via text for Pre-Arrival, Check-In Instructions, Internet/Wi-fi, Property Address, Directions, Check-out Instructions, Welcome and Thank You Messages, all defined in your back-office.

Housekeeping App

Integrate with Housekeeping By Owner to assign the housekeeper or service person of your choice to your property. Define tasks to be completed. See current housekeeping status and have complete access and current status for inspections, uploading pictures of home on guest departure, record previous guest ratings, report damages, report maintenance, and supervisor inspections. Integrated with the PMBO Mobile App, quickly and easily see the current Housekeeping status within your upcoming reservations.

Local Host By Owner App

Saving you time and money, we’ve integrated a guest concierge application to automate and impress your guests. Property and Reservation information at the guests fingertips as well as local weather, events, restaurants and activities and an integrated communication thread. We’ve even built in Mobile check-in, Mobile Check-Out and frequently asked questions such as direction or WIFI info.

Owner Flexibility

Our owners are our most important customers and we’ve put you first with owner-friendly policies like no term commitments, no limit on personal stays and an Owner Loyalty Program allowing you to decrease your costs year after year.

Videos & Testimonials

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Let’s talk and see if PMBO Local Hosting and Rental Management is the answer for you!