Step 4: How Do I Make Money?

Every business opportunity needs to be evaluated from the perspective of “Can I make money doing this business?”.  This is my favorite part of the business tour because I’m excited to share the details of the Sisel Compensation Plan.  Check it out!  You’ll be glad you did.


Balancing Active & Passive Incomes:

Network Marketing is really about balancing out active and passive incomes to build a path to retirement.  Make Money Sharing Sisel Safe Products for Your Home and Family! Sisel’s one-of-a-kind Compensation Plan sets it apart from all others in the industry.


Understanding The Industry:

Business building in the next century will be completely different than what we’ve seen in the past.  Global markets, social media, online tools are the wave of the future and our business model takes advantage of these trends.  Find out more about the concept behind building your business and income through a network marketing framework and see why this is the way to build business in the future.


Sisel Compenation Plan:

For our detailed compensation plan, please download: 



Direct Marketing – Your Path To Success!

Over 80% of the women in the United States making a six figure income do this through direct sales.  Direct sales is the perfect blend of flexibility, offering a low overhead business, a possible option to work from home – AND, a nice upside for compensation!


If you prefer to speak with a home business coach directly rather than going through our self guided business tour, please contact us and let’s talk about whether or not we have the potential to partner together for success.


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