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PMBO Smart Bundle:

Again, want to keep much of this format and definitely the large get started box.

Create similar screen to above and get started with Property, but start with following input box to allow the correct pricing to come up, if they have not filled out already….

Location of your Property?



Zip Code


Check franchisee table for that zip code.  If franchise exists, use those franchise values.  If it does not exist, use VTBO values for Franchise FR1013.


Then, remove location input box and show Flexible Plan Input box similar to above.  Rest of screen remains the same – just switching out the boxes from location input to flexible plan.


PMBO Smart Bundle

Show Amount Per Month





Confirm Password:

Create Account Button



Rest of Everything Bundle Page:


Property Management By Owner – Manage your vacation rental property, saving you time and maximizing our rental $’s.

Use our simple PMBO software to create your booking page on VTBO and automatically expand out to selected marketing channels including HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, & more!  One dashboard, one entry, full channel management!


Include multiple sections with text and graphics to promote the PMBO Smart Bundle Page.


Section 1:


Everything you need to run and promote your vacation rental property, in one simple bundle.


Your PMBO property listing is automatically included in our Vacation Travel By Owner (VTBO) online booking site plus all the major marketing sites – HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, & more! – all managed through one simple dashboard.  It doesn’t get any easier!


Section 2:

Property Management By Owner

Use PMBO software to easily manage your vacation rental and get the exposure you want in the marketplace – one setup, one place to manage, and automatic updates!  Your PMBO centralized dashboard that makes it easy to manage your calendar, rates, inquiries, and reservations from one place. Take advantage of channel market leaders in the vacation rental industry and list your property automatically with VRBO / HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, and more and manage it all through PMBO!

Your single PMBO account with direct, full integrations with leading market channels does it all!  You will no longer need to go out to each individual channel and spend hours completing the tedious task of creating multiple accounts and inputting property details over and over. Syncing rates and calendars is no longer anything to worry about.  With PMBO, you can manage your rates, calendars, property details, photos, inquiries and bookings all in one place!


Section 3:

Finally, true property management by owner software that allows you to compete with the large property management companies!


With PMBO software, you take advantage of years of experience in the vacation rental management world.  We’ve put together the software you need to manage your rental.  From ease of property setup, automatic distribution to channel marketing partners, managing housekeeping and offering the best in guest concierge applications, we’ve got you covered!


Monthly Bundle                                             Annual Bundle

Save 25%                                                          Save 40%

$49/Year                                                          $468/year





Next Screen allows selection of channels:


  1. Please select the channels you would like to be included in:


Vacation Travel By Owner (VTBO)                            Included


VRBO / HomeAway

Pay Per Booking Model                 $0           Selection Box

Annual Ad                                         $499      Selection Box


AirBnB                                                                              Selection Box


FlipKey                                                                             Selection Box                                                                  Selection Box


Always Add Any New Available Channel                 Selection Box