Benefits of Lemon Water: Get Yours Today

There are many benefits to drinking lemon water. Here we will give you our favorite ten, in no particular order.

Immune System BoosterBenefits of Lemon Water

Many have found that drinking lemon water helps them keep their immune systems healthy. While there are many theories on this, we believe the lemons help clear our your system – therefore ridding your body of the germs that may cause cold and flu.

Helps Cut Caffeine

Remember the last glass of lemon ice water you had? Chances are it was incredibly refreshing! This refreshing lemon water drink can help replace or entirely eliminate your need for a soda or pop. It gives you a hint of flavor without having to turn to the chemical-ridden ingredients filling today’s soda pop.

Fights Skin Blemishes

Many essential oils are applied directly to the skin, but some people have found that ingesting oils can have the same effect. This is one of the many great side effects people get while drinking lemon water on a regular basis. It may not help everyone, but it’s worth a try.

Provides an Energy Boost

Just smelling a bottle of lemon essential oil can put anyone in a better mood with that amazing citrus-y scent. So it’s no wonder that consuming a few drops in your lemon water will give you an energy boost and help you go on with your day in a better mood!

Aids in Digestion

Many of us do not eat as healthy as we should. Lemon can help rid our bodies of the toxins and not-so-good for us foods that we ingest each day. Our digestive systems will thank us for that simple glass of lemon water!

Aids in Weight Loss

As we stated in the previous point, lemon water may help rid our body of toxins. This also works well as a cleanse. By drinking lemon water each day, you are helping keep your body clear or various toxins – which can aide in weight loss.

May Reduce Inflammation

Lemon essential oil has been found to help aide in inflammation reduction. Keep drinking that glass or two of lemon water each day to get the full benefits.

Fights Viral Infections

As with the first point we made in our list, lemon water can also help fight viral infections.

Cancer Cleanse

Some studies have linked lemon water with a cancer cleanse. While we cannot guarantee this, it’s worth getting an extra glass of lemon water in today!

Freshens Breathe

No one likes bad breathe! Fight it away with your daily glass of lemon water.


While you could add a lemon slice to your water each time, it’s much cheaper (and convenient!) to add a drop or two of lemon essential oil. Find our favorite brand here! And feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about healthy, toxin free living or to join our team.


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