Earn more, work less and worry never. This is rental management & local hosting as it should be.
Discover how we can help make your rental property a truly “passive investment”.


Hi. My name is Patty Whetham, and I created PMBO® back in 2004 as a direct response to the escalating costs for property management. I figured that it simply could not be that difficult or expensive to manage my own rental property and I was not willing to pay the property management fees that I saw out there. Right?
But, I also realize that people are busy and it’s not that easy
to manage your vacation home when you’re living out of town/state and have lots of distractions in all the other aspects of your life. And, the landscape of the rental world is constantly changing. It takes time to stay up on trends and maintain market shares.
My goal with PMBO® is to put together a program to minimize the time that folks need to manage their vacation rental and maximize the profits that they can make in rental revenues. Most people can do this, but they just need a little help.
My services center around providing local hosting and rental management support, giving you the needed support in setting up your listing, promoting on appropriate rental sites, screening candidates, handling guest interactions and logistics and support for helping with the guest related activities – cleaning, communication, follow up and reviews!
It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to have supported rental management! My goal is to focus in on the areas that need the most support and to keep up with the ever-changing resort rental environment to maximize your over-all rental cash flow.
And, most importantly, you have a LOCAL EXPERT available for the times when it is necessary to be on-site and in-person to handle property set-up, ensure appropriate cleaning, local guest communication (today’s traveler has a LOT of questions) and the occasional difficult renter. ?
Let’s talk and see if PMBO Local Hosting and Rental Management is the answer for you!
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